Plaster of Paradise



ACRYLIC PAINT – Available at Michaels, Walmart, JoAnn Fabrics, Hobby Lobby, or Dick Blick Art Supply

GLAZE – Glaze is optional.  It is available in brush-on or aerosol.  The brush-on can be applied once the paint is completely dry.  You can glaze hundreds of magnets from one jar. Aerosol glaze can be applied immediately after the paint has been applied. You don’t need to wait for the paint to dry. Aerosol does have a slight odor and can be difficult to direct if you are spraying outside on a windy day.

GLITTER – Glitter is also optional.  You can sprinkle the glitter on the painted piece immediately following the glaze while it is still wet.  We also supply the refillable container. The top portion twists so you can control the flow.  You may want to capture the excess glitter by sprinkling over a paper plate and returning the excess back into the container.


  • Never use water (it will dilute the paint) and water based paint is not recommended.
  • You could consider brush tip permanent markers.
  • You can use q-tips instead of paint brushes (especially for large events since they are disposable).
  • Staff should be the ones to glaze and glitter.